Effort underway to raise $25M — $100 at a time — for West Tennessee Veterans Home

An effort is underway to raise $25 million for construction of 144-bed West Tennessee Veterans Home somewhere in Shelby, Fayette or Tipton counties, reports the Commercial Appeal. The fundraising drive is called Project 100 and asks businesses, churches, governments and other organizations to donate $100 for each vet that is an employee or member.

Telling people that you have to raise $25 million seems like an impossible amount, said (Holly) Swogger, chairwoman of the overall effort.

“So what we thought about doing is just breaking it down to smaller amounts,” she said.

There are 71,000 veterans in Shelby, Fayette and Tipton counties who go to church, have a job and are part of a civic or community organization.

If people from those churches, workplaces and civic groups raise $100 for each of their veterans, that’s $300 a vet, she said.

And $300 for each of the 71,000 veterans is $21.3 million.

…The Federal Department of Veterans Affairs will pay 65 percent of the cost to build the more than $60 million home, but only after 35 percent of the money is raised locally.

The effort has more than $2.650 million, including a $2 million commitment from Shelby County, Swogger said.