Your phone bill will change Jan. 1 under new, uniform fee for 911 service

Under legislation approved by the General Assembly back in April, charges for 911 serves on Tennessee phone bills will change Thursday to a uniform $1.16 per month statewide.

From the Johnson City Press:

On Jan. 1 throughout Tennessee, 911 rates will be increased or reduced — depending on the type of phone used to call — to $1.16 in accordance with the 911 Funding Modernization and IP (Internet Protocol) Transition Act of 2014.

After passing through the state House — and receiving unanimous support in the state Senate — the act was signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam on April 25 on the idea of creating a flat rate for 911 service. Additionally, the act also restructured funding for 911 districts and required them to begin implementation of an IP-based system, known as Next Generation 911, which would facilitate a caller’s transmission of digital information like text messages, photos and video.

“The 911 Funding Modernization and IP Transition Act of 2014 will provide the resources necessary to ensure that the citizens of Tennessee receive the best 911 service available,” said Curtis Sutton, executive director of the Tennessee Emergency Communications Executive Director, in a press release.

The rate changes, from the Tennessean:

The new and old 911 surcharges are:

•Residential landline: New charge, $1.16; old charge, 65 cents.

•Business landline: New charge, $1.16; old charge, $2.

•Cellular surcharge: New charge, $1.16, old charge, $1.