TN ranked 45th among states for overall citizen health

Tennessee is 45th among the 50 states in overall health of its citizens, according to a report called America’s Health Rankings, compiled by the United Health Foundation.

The report lists Tennessee’s problems as a high rates for physical inactivity and violent crime. Strengths are listed as a low level of binge drinking, whooping cough and a high availability of primary care physicians. (The Tennessee-specific page is HERE.)

From the overview of the report’s findings:
For the third consecutive year, Hawaii is the healthiest state in America’s Health Rankings®–2014 Edition. Vermont ranks second, also for the third consecutive year. Massachusetts improves to third after spending 2 years ranked fourth. Connecticut improves 3 places to fourth, and Utah joins the top 5 states after spending 2 years ranked sixth. Minnesota and New Hampshire drop out of the top 5.

Mississippi ranks 50th for the third consecutive year. Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Oklahoma complete the bottom 5 states. Oklahoma changes from 44th to 46th, and Kentucky changes from 45th to 47th, which moves West Virginia and Alabama out of the bottom 5 states.