Haslam speech interrupted by protesters

A group of protesters interrupted Gov. Bill Haslam’s speech to an economic development conference Friday, reports Post Politics. They were calling for an increase in the minimum wage.

Protesters, who said they bought lunch passes to the event, rose during the governor’s 15-minute speech at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel to complain about the minimum wage. At one point, the business crowd in the room booed a woman who had interrupted Haslam’s address to tell her story about being a working single mother.

“The key thing with the minimum wage is to look and see who’s actually impacted by it and what the causes are, who serves there, where in life they are and what would impact it,” Haslam told reporters after the speech, adding the heckling experience was not his first. “I’m always trying to balance between not being rude but you’ve also got 1,000 people that paid to come to a lunch.”

Numbering nearly three dozen, the protesters had gathered outside chanting, “Can’t survive on $7.25” and calling for an increase to $15 an hour.

Note: TNReport has a video, HERE.