Knoxville GOP House candidate voted in a Democratic primary?

State Democratic Leaders launched late efforts to shore up state Rep. Gloria Johnson’s campaign against Republican challenger Eddie Smith, reports Georgiana Vines.

That includes Rep. Mike Stewart of Nashville, who is spearheading the House Democratic Caucus campaigns this fall, pointing out that Knox County Election Commission records show Smith voted in the 2008 Democratic primary when Barack Obama was opposing Hillary Clinton.

“I’m not sure why Mr. Smith is not being honest about his voting record. I have nothing against people voting for Democrats, but he should admit it. He also should tell if he voted for Obama or Hillary. Those are his choices,” Stewart said Friday.

Smith could not be reached on Friday, but his Facebook comment (noted by Stewart) denies he voted for either candidate.

House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh of Ripley will lead a rally of Johnson supporters at (Johnson’s) headquarters before joining a door-to-door canvass of voters (Saturday).

Johnson, who’s in her first term, won two years ago in the district that had become more Republican under redistricting than when held by Democrat Harry Tindell for 22 years. She has been vocal on education issues that go against Republican leaders seeking a voucher system and other changes.

…Among those trying to rally supporters for Johnson this week was Democratic activist Jim Sessions, who sent an email that said, “Reports show that a surge of South Knoxville Republicans is swamping us. …They are outworking us. Gloria Johnson needs our help!!!”