On Briggs vs Siler in state Senate District 7

Candidates wanting the seat 7th District state Sen. Stacey Campfield lost in the Republican primary have striking differences on job creation and wages, according to the News Sentinel.

And it appears they won’t be holding a publicly moderated forum on issues, either.

Democrat Cheri Siler and Republican Richard Briggs both want the L-shaped district that covers North Knoxville, West Knoxville, Downtown, the University of Tennessee and Farragut.

Siler said Briggs politically is no different from Campfield — just without Campfield’s antics that “The Daily Show” and other comedy outlets spoofed.

“We need to be headed in a different direction,”she said.

Briggs said Siler’s push for a higher minimum wage is bad for job growth and she will undermine Tennessee’s right-to-work rules.

“All of those are job killers,” Briggs said.

The two differ along typical party lines. Like many conservatives, he supports abortion regulation. She says women should have the right to choose. Siler said the state is missing out on federal money through the Affordable Care Act. Briggs, a physician, said he is against Obamacare.

Both want more jobs and better education.

…Aside from the party differences and individual stances on issues such as job creation, a wedge between the two has emerged over the issue of a debate.

Briggs said he’s made plenty of appearances on the same stage as Siler, citing two local television news shows in which both have been interviewed.

Siler said that’s not the same as a moderated forum, which appears unlikely.

“He’s hiding behind the ‘R’ in his name,” Siler said. “I think voters have a right to see and hear (candidates) respond to questions.”

The district has a long history of voting Republican, and efforts by Siler to get a forum amount to free advertising, according to Briggs.