Alexander TV ad No. 2: Ball ‘a liberal, pro-Obamacare, pro-choice, pro-gun control, slick-talking personal injury lawyer’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A new television ad by Republican U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander directly targets Democrat Gordon Ball as being beholden to President Barack Obama’s agenda.

Unmentioned in the spot is that Alexander in a previous race sought out the endorsement of Ball — a move that the Democrat has since called a “huge mistake.”

In the new ad, the narrator derides Ball, a Knoxville attorney, as a “slick talking personal injury lawyer,” and returns three times to the theme that Ball would be another vote for Obama, whose presidency comes to an end two years into the next six-year Senate term.

Ball has launched his own ad featuring old footage of Alexander accompanied by an off-key version of the “Tennessee Waltz.” The ad suggests Alexander is “out of tune” with Tennessee voters.

Note: Alexander campaign news release on the ad is below.

News release from Lamar Alexander campaign:
NASHVILLE – Lamar Alexander’s campaign for re-election today announced the launch of a statewide television ad saying opponent Gordon Ball’s positions on Obamacare, abortion and the Second Amendment prove he’d be “just one more vote for Barack Obama’s agenda.”

The ad, which began airing this week and is the Alexander campaign’s second statewide TV ad in the general election, begins, “Gordon Ball tells us he’d be independent. But he’d be just one more vote for Obama. He’s a liberal, pro-Obamacare, pro-choice, pro-gun control, slick-talking personal injury lawyer.

“Clearly, Gordon Ball would be just one more vote for Barack Obama’s agenda. Slick talk, one more vote for Obama —that’s the real Gordon Ball.”

…The TV ad follows the statewide release of Alexander’s first television ad in the general election, in which he tells Tennesseans: “Your vote can mean a new Senate majority where I can work to fix our broken system and get the right things done.”

Responsive remark from the Ball campaign, sent via email:

“Lamar Alexander changed his television ad less than 24 hours after it began. Clearly this is a campaign in free fall. His campaign has apparently seen numbers they just didn’t like,” Gordon Ball’s spokesperson Trace Sharp said.

“It is absurd that Lamar Alexander would attack Gordon Ball when it is Lamar Alexander that has voted with Barack Obama more than 62 percent of the time. Gordon Ball has never met President Obama and has never received one dime from the national party or the Washington special interest groups that are backing Alexander. The only person Gordon Ball is beholden to are the people of the State of Tennessee. And that is a change we desperately need in Washington today,” said campaign manager Matt Kuhn.

“Lamar Alexander is a typical career politician more concerned with fighting for his own job than fighting for jobs for the people of Tennessee,” Sharp added.