Today’s Ball-bashing news release from TNGOP

News release from Tennessee Republican Party:
NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Elvis Presley once stated, “The truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time but it ain’t going away.” The truth about Gordon Ball is slowly coming to light.

On the heels of yesterday’s discovery that Democratic Senate nominee Gordon Ball has plagiarized a substantial portion of his website from liberal Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown, comes the revelation that Ball hid from cameras behind union thugs last Friday. Why? Because there were things being discussed they didn’t want Tennesseans to hear, confirmed union head and former state legislator, Gary Moore.

The TNGOP released a new web video highlighting Gordon Ball’s visit to an AFL-CIO rally in Nashville last Friday. (Link: HERE. It’s apparently filmed by a GOP ‘tracker.) The event was “open press” according to a posting on the event but was quickly closed down by Ball and union allies upon arrival.

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney remarked, “What is Gordon Ball hiding? While the media hasn’t picked up on the fact he’s running dual campaigns, we’ve been calling him on it from day one. This copy-and-paste liberal talks conservative to voters but, apparently, another way to his Big Labor backers behind closed doors. With confirmation of his plagiarism scandal and the fact he’s hiding behind union thugs, Gordon Ball should immediately cease his dual-personality campaign and withdraw from the U.S. Senate race. Tennesseans deserve better.”