Alexander’s 1st general election TV ad: It’s me vs. ‘one more vote for Obama agenda’

News release from Lamar Alexander re-election campaign:
NASHVILLE – Lamar Alexander’s campaign for re-election today announced the launch of a statewide television ad that features the senator making clear the choice voters have this fall between “one more vote for Barack Obama’s agenda” and a new Senate majority with which Alexander can “get the right things done.”

The ad, which will start airing Monday, begins, “Obamacare’s a failure, border security’s a mess, terrorists run rampant and America’s drowning in debt. If that’s okay with you then vote for my opponent — he’ll be just one more vote for Barack Obama’s agenda.

“But America’s better than that. Your vote can mean a new Senate majority where I can work to fix our broken system and get the right things done.”

Note: From the Commercial Appeal’s report on the ad:

Ball’s campaign spokeswoman, Trace Sharp, said the Alexander ad is “interesting in that he never mentioned Tennessee.” She said the Ball camp expects to be airing its first TV ad of the general election campaign soon, probably next week.