Joe Carr still balking at backing Lamar

Sen. Lamar Alexander may have won the endorsement of 11 Republican state legislators who backed fellow legislator Joe Carr in the primary (Alexander release posted HERE), but Carr himself still isn’t there weeks after a personal conversation with the senator, according to TNReport.

But Alexander has yet to win over his highest-profile critic in the Republican Party. Carr told TNReport last week he’s not ready to endorse Alexander — and likely won’t until the incumbent Republican comes out strongly against Common Core and promises to fight “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants.

“It’s not up to me. It’s up to Sen. Alexander,” Carr said, adding that he’s had no communication with Alexander personally since the two met at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Rutherford County earlier this month. At that meeting, Carr said they talked about issues and he accepted Alexander’s apology for not taking Carr’s primary election-night phone calls to congratulate him on winning.

“The ball’s in his court,” Carr said.

As for Alexander promising to earn a reputation as an impediment to Obama’s policies and programs going forward, Carr told TNReport last week he has “no idea” what the campaign or the state Republican Party are talking about in that regard.

“I will be as excited and intrigued as every other voter in Tennessee to see this strange turn of events,” said Carr, who’s principle primary campaign theme was that Alexander has been more friend than foe to Obama these last six years.

Note: Alexander asked for Carr’s endorsement early this month at a coffee conversation. That previous post is HERE.