TNDP chairman joins in questioning Slatery AG appointment

News release from Tennessee Democratic Party:
Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Roy Herron released the following statement regarding the appointment of Herb Slattery as Attorney General for the State of Tennessee:

“Tennessee has had outstanding Attorneys General and we hope that the new one is no exception. He comes to office with a number of unique facts that cause concerns to many, regardless of party affiliation:

“1. Tennessee has never had an Attorney General with so little experience trying cases. Though his application asked for numbers of cases tried or mediated or handed on appeal, he has so little litigation experience he refused to answer the questions asked. To head the largest collection of trial attorneys in the state is a challenge for anyone with great experience, but for someone with so little experience in litigation that he would not answer the questions about numbers of cases raises legitimate concerns.

“2. Tennessee has never had an Attorney General who was not only the Governor’s legal counsel, but also his “childhood friend,” reportedly a cousin, personal legal counsel, campaign counsel and campaign official. He will face extraordinary scrutiny because of the extraordinary relationships and people will reasonably wonder whether he can be objective and unbiased.

“3. Tennessee has never had an Attorney General who bragged in his application about crafting and lobbying legislation to take the rights away from victims, including those injured by the negligence of others and those workers injured on their jobs. Workers and victims already know that he has worked hard against them and will reasonably question whether he can be fair to them.

“Tennesseans of both parties reasonably wonder why an outstanding Attorney General was denied an opportunity to continue to serve. It appears to many that General Cooper’s party affiliation was used against him. That is yet another reason why the new Attorney General has a particular responsibility to show himself beyond reproach, non-partisan, and worthy of the high office he will assume.”