Charlie Brown’s first campaign speech: He’s for ‘common sense,’ not Common Core

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Charlie Brown gave his first campaign speech Tuesday, reports WATE-TV, declaring — among other things — that he’s for “common sense” education and not the Common Core that Republican Gov. Bill Haslam is pushing.

Brown took to the steps of the old Roane County courthouse Tuesday to give his first campaign speech, but campaign staffers denied questions from the media.

“It’s time to elect a governor just like you all who understands your issues, your struggles and your problems,” Brown said.

In his prepared remarks, Brown said he is the candidate who can relate to the working class.

Brown recently retired and now works on a farm in his hometown of Oakdale in Morgan County.

“If you struggle to make a house payment or a car payment, I’m your man,” Brown said.

According to his website, Brown supports raising the minimum wage and wants to increase the speed limit on certain highways to 80 miles per hour.

Brown also said he is against Gov. Haslam’s educational policies.

“He wants common core for education,” Brown said. “I want to restore just plain common sense to education.”

Members of Brown’s own party admit Brown is an unknown candidate, albeit with a famous name.

“It is an uphill battle and we know that,” Knox County Democratic Party Chair Linda Haney said.

Haney said the majority of Knox County Democrats voted for former Sullivan County Mayor John McKamey in part because he was the only Democratic candidate to do much campaigning in Knox County.

Haney said she wishes Brown had campaigned more here but is looking forward to meeting him when he visits on the campaign trail.