Womick bashes Haslam, Cate for ‘treasonous targeting’ of conservative GOP legislators

In a Thursday letter addressed to Mark Cate, chief of staff for Gov. Bill Haslam, Republican state Rep. Rick Womick says the governor is guility of “treasonous targeting” of Republican legislators in the August primary election campaign.

The letter further accuses Attorney General Bob Cooper and Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman of “Clitonesque spin” in defending the delay in releasing student testing scores earlier this year and in granting waivers to school systems.

Here are the two concluding paragraphs:

In summary, the purpose of this letter is twofold. First, is the necessity to respond to the untruthful spin you profess regarding the success of Commissioner Huffman and CCSS. Secondly, this letter is the result of multiple requests by my fellow representatives who want to express their dissatisfaction with Commissioner Huffman, the Administration’s implementation of Common Core State Standards, and the political retribution imposed by the governor upon representatives of the TGA who openly oppose his education policies. Because of the latter, the names and signatures of other State Senators and State Representatives will not be placed upon this letter. As duly elected representatives we serve and answer only to those citizens who elected us. Rest assured, we will continue to represent and listen to them!

Allow me to close with a bit of advice for the future; be careful with whom you choose to pick a fight. For those of us who are military officers, our Oath of office is for life; it has no statute of limitations. We are loyal, we are dedicated, we are unwavering, and we are willing to die upholding that oath. But more specifically, as an old Air Force fighter pilot, we may live in fame, or we may go down in flames, but we will always stand firm and fight! There are always consequences for decisions we make in life; but woe to those are the repercussions for betrayal and disloyalty.

Note: Post Politics has the full letter HERE.