Yes, Ol’ Tom is retiring (or semi-retiring) today

The News Sentinel had a farewell luncheon for me yesterday, the highlight being presentation of a Charlie Daniel cartoon drawing of yours truly with a caption saying, “Remember, it’s Humphrey on the Hill, not Humphrey over the hill.”

I will continue the blog and writing a Sunday column for the News Sentinel, plus some other stuff from time to time. I’ll also be helping out a bit at The Tennessee Journal. So I’ll still be around, just not quite as busy as in the past 30 years of working for the News Sentinel as a fulltime employee.

Some fellow bloggers have had kind things to say about my exit from the fulltime scene, including fellow KNS blogger Frank Munger HERE and Knoxviews HERE.

The Nashville Scene, HERE, raises the question of who will follow me in the News Sentinel Nashville position. The answer, at the moment, is no one. The position is frozen and the CA’s Rick Locker will be sending stuff to the KNS as well as the CA on a more regular basis. That has developed in the last week or so, since Tom Chester talked with Steve Cavendish, who penned the piece and who once was a very good student in a journalism class I taught.

And I’ve had many folks wishing me well. Thanks to everyone who has done so.