How to vote ‘no’ on Supremes: Instructional video passed along by Ramsey

Below is a copy of a message sent to those who have signed up for Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey’s emailing, including the video — produced, as you’ll note, by Tennessee Forum — that goes with it:

Dear Friend,

Earlier this year I started an educational effort to inform voters, victims rights advocates, the law enforcement community and business leaders about our opportunity in August to change the Supreme Court. The response to that effort has been outstanding. A group called the Tennessee Forum began a grassroots movement, victim’s rights advocates are speaking out and even the Republican State Leadership Committee is spreading the message.

The word is out that Judges Connie Clark, Sharon Lee and Gary Wade are liberal Democrats who don’t share our Tennessee values. It is now time for action. That is why this video is so important. Early voting is going on right now and the ballot is very long. Voters need to know exactly how to throw these liberals out.

So, if you want a conservative court that interprets the law and does not legislate from the bench, please SHARE this video. Email it to your address book, post it on Twitter and share it on Facebook. Show it at family gatherings. Whatever you can do. Spread the word. Let your conservative friends know exactly how to vote REPLACE.

Share this video and tell everyone to vote REPLACE on Connie Clark, Sharon Lee and Gary Wade.


Ronald L. Ramsey
Lieutenant Governor
Speaker of the Senate