Supremes’ counterattack TV ad: Critics telling a ‘Complete whopper’

News release from Keep Tennessee Courts Fair
NASHVILLE – A new television ad going up in markets across Tennessee tomorrow (Wednesday) provides a “truth test” for all of the “whoppers” told by those now airing false, negative attacks against Justices Connie Clark, Sharon Lee and Chief Justice Gary Wade.

“Since the beginning, politicians with the intent of a monstrous power grab of our judiciary skewed the truth. Now they are aided by out-of-state, dark money groups who spread the lies,” said Keep Tennessee Courts Fair Manager Brenda Gadd. “We felt it necessary to set the record straight that our Justices have upheld the death penalty about 90 percent of the time, are supported by prosecutors and the State Fraternal Order of Police for the tough on crime positions, and that allegations they are at all connected to the federal Obamacare or ACA law is simply false.”