An overlap for Briggs-Campfield, Halls-Daniels races in Knox County?

Former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe has this report on overlap of the Campfield-Briggs race and the Hall-Daniel campaigns in Knox County:

State Rep. Steve Hall made news this weekend when he said on WBIR-TV he is supporting Stacey Campfield for reelection to the state Senate over Richard Briggs in the Aug. 7 GOP primary. He did this in response to a question from Knoxville attorney Don Bosch. No other Knox lawmaker has endorsed Campfield in the GOP primary.
It is no secret that Hall and Campfield are close personally and politically, but this is the first time Hall has publicly endorsed Campfield and made it clear they are a team in Nashville.
Martin Daniel, Hall’s opponent, said he opposed Campfield. Hall and Campfield sponsored legislation to sell Lakeshore Park, the most used park in the city.
The Daniel-Hall contest for state representative in West Knox County continues to heat up. It is fierce. Hall is also now under fire for accepting donations from Tennova PAC both before and after sponsoring legislation to remove the scenic-route designation on Middlebrook Pike to allow Tennova to move there so high buildings could be constructed against neighborhood wishes.
On WATE-TV, Hall said he was unaware Tennova had given him a campaign donation at that time. However, his treasurer is his son, Steve Hall II, which causes one to question the accuracy of that response since one assumes father and son talk to each other often.
Hall has attacked Daniel for being in the outdoor-advertising business. Daniel says he will recuse himself from voting on legislation impacting that industry. Daniel has questioned Hall mailing a legislative questionnaire at public expense just weeks before the primary. Legislative rules help incumbents in this area. Campfield has used his tax-paid communications fund for cable TV.

Note: Those interested in the Briggs-Campfield contest can see the two in a bit of back-and-forth with WATE-TV’s Gene Patterson as moderator HERE.