On House District 45: Rogers vs. Silverman (& Maggart)

The Tennessean has a review of the race between state Rep. Courtney Rogers and Len Silverman in the House District 45 Republican primary:

In 2012, Rogers, a political unknown from Goodlettsville, defeated the third-most powerful state House Republican, then House Caucus Chair Debra Maggart. In the Aug. 7 Republican primary, Rogers is squaring off with Len Silverman, a Goodlettsville businessman.
The muted race is a far cry from the Rogers-Maggart showdown two years ago, which attracted national attention. Maggart, who until then had never faced a challenger from her own party in her eight years as a legislator, stepped in hot water with the National Rifle Association after she backed a decision not to hold a floor vote on legislation that would let gun owners take their weapons into workplace parking lots.

The national guns rights organization spent more than $75,000 in the race to push Maggart out and Rogers in.

Maggart is still a figure in this year’s race, backing Silverman and campaigning door-to-door for him.

“It’s really not much different,” Rogers said. “It’s the same race.”
…”It does not matter to me what street you live on, what club you belong to, or what support you can give me or withhold from me,” Rogers said at the Sumner County Republican Party breakfast earlier this month. “I serve that one forgotten demographic that is the basic building block of this nation — the individual.”

Silverman says new direction is needed, but he says it without rancor.

“I think from a principles standpoint, Courtney’s a fine person. I respect her military background. There’s a lot of good there,” he said. “It’s approach. It’s just what are you doing when you’re down in Nashville. That’s where I see a difference.”