In the Briggs-Campfield race: Sign theft, mask mailer and Nashville lawyer joins in

The race between Sen. Stacey Campfield and Knox County Commissioner Richard Briggs has been marked by charges of yard sign theft and flyers attacking Campfield, reports Georgianna Vines.

At one location cited, signs for Briggs and U.S. Rep. Jimmy Duncan disappeared and were replaced by a large Campfield sign. Later, the Campfield sign disappeared and was replaced by signs for Briggs, Duncan, state Rep. Steve Hall and Hall’s opponent, Martin Daniel.
In a blog post, Campfield is offering a $250 reward for anyone providing information that leads to arrest and conviction of someone stealing one of his signs from private property.

The campaign for Briggs, a county commissioner, physician and military veteran, mailed three fliers, including one that featured a military hat and a Mexican wrestler’s mask with the question, “Wresting With Whom to Trust?” The mask is a reference to Campfield being escorted out of a past University of Tennessee home football game on Halloween after being asked to remove it. (Note: A copy of the mailer is HERE.)

Voters also received a first-class postcard from Lewis Laska, a Nashville lawyer considered an authority on the Tennessee Constitution, asking them “DO NOT VOTE for Stacey Campfield during the primary” and should he win, “please vote for ANYONE ELSE during the general election.”

Laska wasn’t available for an interview but released a statement that he mailed 20,000 postcards urging voters not to vote for Campfield because “in my opinion he has demonstrated by his words and actions that he is not fit to hold public office.”