NRA downgrades Haslam, some others in TN 2014 ratings

The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund (a PAC) has released its ratings of Tennessee politicians for the 2014 primary election. The NRA ratings can be found HERE.

The following is from a Tennessee Firearms Association news release providing what it calls “Noteworthy observations about the newly released 2014 NRA ratings. The additions in parenthesis are from yours truly:

– Representative Sargent was downgraded; his challenger, Steve Gawrys, has a higher rating than Rep Sargent (Sargent B+, Gawrys A, based on questionnaire responses)

– Governor Haslam was downgraded (to a C)

– Joe Carr given higher rating than Senator Lamar Alexander (A for Carr; A- for Alexander)

– Senator Campfield has higher rating than his challenger (A+ vs A for Briggs)

– Senator Beavers has a higher rating than her challenger (A+ vs A- for Boyd)

– Dr. Brandon Dodds has a higher rating than his opponent, Ed Jackson (That’s in the GOP primary, Senate District 27, seat now held by retiring Democratic Sen. Lowe Finney)

– Rep Courtney Rogers has a higher rating than her challenger (A vs A-)

– Coach David Byrd has a higher rating than the incumbent Rep Vance Dennis (A- vs B+)

– No single candidate that the TFA’s legislative action committee (TFALAC) supported financially has received a lower rating from than their opponent from the NRA

– To date, the TN Firearms Association has spent more on electoral activities in TN than has the NRA

It is also worth pointing out that the TN Firearms Association has conducted its own more thorough survey of candidates’ committal to firearms policy, and we have released the full questions and survey responses on our website:

The TN Firearms Association is not affiliated with the National Rifle Association. The Tennessee Firearms Association was founded in 1995 and formed to defend the right to keep and bear arms in Tennessee. The TFA is Tennessee’s only no-compromise gun group.