Adams bashes Ball on debates stance

(Note: The following release refers to a previous post HERE. One minor time correction, since yours truly is mentioned: Actually, I spoke with Adams on Sunday; Ball earlier.)
News release from Terry Adams campaign:
KNOXVILLE – Gordon Ball says he will not agree to a series of debates in the Democratic Primary. The Adams campaign received the news from a reporter who spoke with Ball on Sunday.

Like Gordon Ball, Lamar Alexander stated last week that he has little interest in debating the issues in his Republican primary. In stark contrast, Democratic United States Senate candidate Terry Adams is fiercely advocating an open debate of the issues in the race for the seat currently held by Alexander.

“I am very disappointed in Ball. He puts an ad on TV that says the Democratic Party has no backbone but then refuses to debate the issues. It is clear that it is Ball who has no backbone,” Adams said.

When asked by Knoxville News Sentinel reporter Tom Humphrey about how close his position regarding the debate challenge is to Lamar’s, Ball said, “…Lamar Alexander was the best politician this state has ever seen,” not Ned McWherter, Frank Clement, or Estes Kefauver but the guy he purportedly wants to
take on in the general election.

“How can you demand debates in the general if you refuse to debate in the primary? Based on his position, Ball wouldn’t debate Alexander either. That is not what the Democratic Party needs. It is sad really. It makes you question the motives of Ball being in this race,” Adams continued.

“We must get rid of this career politician mindset, Ball has it, Alexander has it. It is the mindset that the voters don’t matter. If Ball gave a rip about Tennessee voters he would welcome debates and bend over backward to make them happen.” Adams concluded.

Adams recently won the first major straw poll in the senate race conducted by the Davidson County Democratic Women. Mike McWherter, Senator Lowe Finney, Leader Craig Fitzhugh, and Al Gore’s 2000 Presidential campaign treasurer Clark Jones are hosting a fundraiser for Adams Tuesday, July 8 in Buchanan, TN.