PAC-funded poll says DesJarlais ahead of Tracy in 4th District

News release from Citizens for Ethics in Government, emailed by Scott DeJarlais campaign
(Nashville, TN June 25, 2014) – Contrary to widespread public perception, the Republican Congressional Primary in the 4th District (TN) is far from decided, according to a recent poll conducted by Citizens for Ethics in Government.

“Although the mainstream media and the Jim Tracy campaign want people to believe that Congressman Scott Desjarlais’ reelection campaign is over, the fact is that Desjarlais’ name recognition and conservative voting record have him in strong position for reelection despite the orchestrated smear campaign he has endured for over two years,” noted Andy Miller, Chairman of Citizens for Ethics in Government (CFEIG).

A “horse race” poll conducted in June 5-6, 2014 by Citizens for Ethics in Government, which included 1337 registered voters in the 4th Congressional District showed Desjarlais leading Tracy by a two to one margin, 44.72% to 20.42%. 29.62% of voters remain undecided. “We are happy to release the poll results and details,” Miller pointed out, “and we know that Tracy has been polling heavily for months but has never released any results. That says a lot about where this race really is.”

“As voters learn more about Jim Tracy’s support for Common Core and compare that to Scott Desjarlais’ voting record in Congress, which recently earned him recognition by National Journal as the 4th Most Conservative Member of Congress, the “real” conservative in this race will become clear,” Miller stated.

Citizens for Ethics in Government is a 501(c)3 that is not affiliated with any candidate or candidate committee. CFEIG has been actively involved in communicating a conservative message in several federal races over the past four years.

Note: The CFEIG PAC spent about $200,000 on ads attacking U.S. Rep. Diane Black in 2012, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. It was one of two PACs largely funded by Miller to sponsor attack ads against Black in the GOP primary. A post at the time, HERE)