Carr: Lamar Alexander is like Eric Cantor

In a broadcast interview today, state Rep. Joe Carr likened U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander to Eric Cantor, the House majority leader defeated in Tuesday’s Virginia Republican primary by a tea party-backed opponent, David Brat.

“I think Sen. Alexander has a similar problem that Leader Cantor had in that he’s out of touch with his Republican base in Tennessee,” Carr said on CNBC. (Note: Link to the video HERE)

Cantor had been attacked by Brat on immigration issues and Carr says there’s a similar distinction between himself as “architect and author of some of the strongest illegal immigration bills in Tennessee” and Alexander.

“The problem Lamar alexander has and so many of the establishment Republicans have, they are taking themselves away or are detracting from what the Republican National Committee platform in 2012 specifically says and when it says no amnesty at all for illegal immigrants,” he said. “It’s Lamar Alexaner who’s running away from the Republian platform and it’s conservatives in the tea party trying to embrace that Republican National Committee platform saying we need to be a country of laws where lawful citizens are welcome, but those who gained unlawful entry cannot come. “