Alexander dodging Common Core commentary?

Tennessee U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander has been doing his best to avoid saying he supports Common Core education standards, observes WPLN.

In recent months, Alexander has appeared alongside Governor Bill Haslam as a show of solidarity for Tennessee’s use of Common Core. But the standards are also a political liability in the current climate, even for someone like Alexander who is expected to have a fairly easy time keeping his seat.

“I always choose my words carefully,” Alexander said Monday – with a laugh – when asked if he was being careful how he talks about Common Core.

The two-term senator and former Secretary of Education has carefully crafted how he talks about Common Core. He says he supports higher standards and that the state should have the final say.

“It ought to be 100 percent [the legislature and Governor Haslam’s] decision,” Alexander said Monday. “I think almost all of the problem that’s created by the new academic standards has come because of the perception and fact that Washington is involved in it.”

Note: Joe Carr, one of Alexander’s main GOP primary opponents, is on the other hand happy to bring up the subject of Common Core. See, for example, previous post HERE.
UPDATE NOTE: A reader points out a YouTube video of Carr asking himself why he voted for Common Core legislation back in 2009. It’s HERE.