Was the 6th Circuit (or the AG) listening to Joe Carr and the TN House?

(Note: The post below, reporting on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to vacate a temporary injunction requiring Tennessee to recognize the same-sex marriages of three couples married in other states, reminds yours truly of an oversight in the hectic windup of the 2014 legislative session — failure to note the House approval of a resolution condemning the U.S. District Court in Nashville for granting that preliminary injunction.)

The resolution was sponsored by Rep. Joe Carr, who is also running for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination. It also urges the state attorney general to “vigorously and zealously” oppose the ruling of U.S. District Court Judge Aleta Trauger, which Carr declared was in “complete defiance of the Tennessee constitution” mandating that all marriages be between a man and a woman.

Rep. Sherry Jones, D-Nashville, declaring the resolution “a little bit excessive,” offered eight amendments to change the words “vigorously and zealously” in various ways. Examples for substitution “forcefully and energetically” to “bombastically” and — her apparent preference — ““half-heartedly and lackadaisically.” But, over Jones’ protests, debate was shut off on a 63-22 party-line vote and the resolution was then approved 75-15, with all no votes coming from Democrats.

However, the resolution never passed the Senate and, since it was a “joint” resolution, that means the court wasn’t officially condemned and the attorney general wasn’t officially urged. But, hey, maybe the attorney general was vigorous and zealous in response anyway — the 6th Circuit temporarily blocked Trauger’s temporary injunction.

Note 2: Carr’s news release, including it;s links to video of the debate and a copy of the resolution, are below.

News release from Joe Carr campaign:
Nashville, TN – Yesterday, while Senator Alexander was talking about fishing, State Representative Joe Carr was on the floor of the Tennessee House of Representatives presenting House Joint Resolution 839 to condemn the decision of a federal district court in Tennessee to grant a preliminary injunction in the case of Tanco et al v. Haslam. This injunction forces the state of Tennessee to recognize out of state gay marriages even though the Tennessee State Constitution defines a marriage as being only between a man and a woman. H.J.R 839 passed the Tennessee House of Representatives on a 75-15 vote.

“In the Tennessee legislature, my colleagues and I stepped up and took action to defend conservative, constitutional principles. In the US Senate, I’ll do the same. On my first day in the Senate, l will join Senator Cruz and Senator Lee in sponsoring the State Marriage Defense Act to ensure that what has happened in Tennessee will not happen in other states. Senator Alexander likes to say he supports state rights, but he is nowhere to be found on this important piece of legislation,” stated Representative Joe Carr.

Senators Cruz and Lee introduced the State Marriage Defense Act (S. 2024) in February to ensure that states that recognize marriage as between a man and a woman are not forced into recognizing gay marriages by liberal activist judges. The legislation has 9 co-sponsors and Senator Alexander is not one of them.

Per Senator Alexander’s Facebook page, at campaign events in Smith and Cumberland Counties he spoke about his recent legislation dealing with fishing.

You can view the floor debate of Rep. Carr’s resolution here and read the resolution here. (Note3: The ‘vigorously and zealously’ language is actually in Amendment 1, which was approved, and which is HERE.