Soon you can legally carry a switchblade — or sword? — in Tennessee

The House gave final legislative approval Monday to a bill legalizing switchblade knives in Tennessee and repealing a current law that prohibits carrying of other knives with blades more than four inches long.

The bill (SB1771) was approved 75-16 by the House after a brief discussion perhaps highlighted by some Democrats offering offering joking commentary and questions.
House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner asked if the bill sponsored by Rep. Vance Dennis, R-Savannah, means anyone can now carry a sword.

“I suppose you could. It might be a little cumbersome,” he replied.

House Democratic Leader Craig Fitzhugh of Ripley said he thought “brass knuckles” should have been legalized as well and Rep. Sherry Jones, D-Nashville, noted that, coupled with other bills broadening the right to carry guns, Republicans appear to be preparing for serious events in Tennessee.

“Are you all expecting the zombie apocalypse or something?… I was just wondering,” she said.

Her rhetorical question brought no response.

The bill had passed the Senate earlier and now goes to Gov. Bill Haslam’s desk for his expected signature.

The measure follows a bill enacted last year that overrode all city and county government ordinances regulating knife sales and possession, declaring that only the state can set knife rules.