Joe Carr declares Alexander in league with Jeb Bush and Haslam in supporting Common Core

News release from Joe Carr campaign:
Nashville, TN – Senator Lamar Alexander is appearing with Common Core champions former Governor Jeb Bush and Governor Bill Haslam at an education roundtable discussion tomorrow sponsored by the pro-Common Core Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Tennessee Business Roundtable.

The event comes in the midst of a fierce fight waged by Rep. Joe Carr and other conservative in the TN General Assembly to roll back common core standards.

“The tide is beginning to turn against Common Core in Tennessee and it was my hope that Senator Alexander would join conservatives and help us work to defeat it. Instead, it appears Senator Alexander is once again joining with the political establishment, this time fighting to save Common Core. Senator Alexander’s actions are disappointing, but not surprising,” said State Representative Joe Carr.

Last week, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a two-year delay of Common Core standards. Similar anti-Common Core legislation is scheduled to be heard before the Tennessee State Senate on Thursday.