Memphis may sell Nathan Bedford Forrest park sign at auction

From a Wendi C. Thomas column:
Don’t be surprised if you see an ad like this soon: For sale: One “Forrest Park” 1,000-pound, 10-foot granite marker.

Perfect for Civil War buffs or fans of the Klan’s first grand wizard. The original owner, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, paid $9,000. Interested? Call the City of Memphis.

The stone tribute to Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest has languished in a Midtown storage shed since January 2013, when Memphis officials plucked it from the park that once bore Forrest’s name.

Unless the SCV, which placed the stone without final approval, claims it soon, it’s headed to a city auction block.

…More than once, the city has asked the SCV to take the marker, but spokesman Lee Millar wants city officials to put it back where they found it.

“We did NOT refuse it’s (sic) return,” Millar said by email. “We stated where it should be returned to: namely, its rightful place in Forrest Park.”
There’s only one problem with Millar’s demand, and it’s a big one: “There isn’t a Forrest Park to put it back in,” Little said.