State Department of Health frets about electronic cigarettes

The Tennessee Department of Health has issued a rare public health advisory urging caution on the use of electronic cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems, reports the Commercial Appeal.

The advisory also addresses concern about inadequate oversight of the manufacture of the products and about second-hand exposure to their vapors and emissions.

“There is inadequate scientific information about the effects of using current electronic nicotine delivery systems to assure the public about the impact to safety and health. Coupled with the absence of state or federal regulation of manufacture, this information should prompt consumers to be cautious about using the devices as well as exposure to secondhand emissions,” the advisory says.

Dr. David Reagan, the department’s chief medical officer, said Wednesday that his agency promotes smoking cessation but there’s not enough evidence about the products’ effectiveness in reducing smoking.

Note: The Department of Health advisory (pdf) is HERE.