First Lady discovers water bill foulup at governor’s residence

Gov. Bill Haslam credits his wife, Crissy, for being the first to notice that water bills at their official home were way out of line, according to WSMV-TV.

The bills in question involve the Governor’s Executive Residence in Nashville, and officials simply paid them, costing taxpayers a lot of money.

The water and sewer bills at the governor’s mansion had been running about $500 a month when, all of a sudden, they were $3,000 a month, $4,000 a month and even more.

But it wasn’t the state’s finance people who caught the problem.

“My wife kept saying, ‘I’d like to see the utility bills here,'” Gov. Bill Haslam said.

It all started with the curiosity of First Lady Crissy Haslam.

The bills showed the water flow wasn’t normal. Something was wrong.

“Nobody had been paying attention to that,” Gov. Haslam said.

The Channel 4 I-Team found five bills at the residence that topped $5,000 a piece, with one month’s bill charging the state’s taxpayers $6,358… paid month after month, with no one following up to see why they were so high.

…”Turns out a water line had been cut way back during construction, and no one ever paid attention to it,” Gov. Haslam said.
That construction work was done back during the Phil Bredesen administration when an underground addition was made, and renovations were completed throughout the home.

The water had been leaking into the soil from a cracked pipe in the front yard all those years, with the state just paying the bill month after month….The bottom line: three years worth of water and sewer bills cost the taxpayers $178,843.