Judge dismisses lawsuit against Fleischmann, Saltsman

A Nashville judge has thrown out a 3-year-old defamation case filed by a former state GOP staffer against Republican U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and one of his longtime aides, reports the Chattanooga TFP.

Former Tennessee Republican Party official Mark Winslow filed the suit in January 2011 against the state party, Fleischmann and Chip Saltsman.

The suit claimed Fleischmann obtained confidential documents from the state party related to Winslow’s severance pay and then used the information in television ads aimed at defeating Winslow’s former boss, Robin Smith, who challenged Fleischmann in the 2010 primary. It also claimed the ads showed Winslow in a false light.

In the process, Winslow claims he was defamed. The suit asked for $750,000 in damages. Winslow claimed in his suit that he has not been able to get employment with other Republican groups or candidates.

In November, the state GOP settled with Winslow. The details of that settlement were not disclosed.

But in a summary judgment last week, Davidson County Circuit Court Judge Joe Binkley Jr. said Winslow was a public figure, and that he failed to show that Fleischmann and Saltsman showed actual malice against him in the advertisements, which were mainly aimed at discrediting Smith.

Further, Judge Binkley said that what was said about Winslow were facts.

“To the extent that any of the subject publications/communications pertained to plaintiff Mark A. Winslow, those publications/communications were either true or substantially true and, therefore, not actionable,” Binkley wrote.