Resolution urging Sean Hannity move to TN rated ‘a little stupid’

The Nashville Scene’s Pith in the Wind has revived its “Legislative Stupidity Index” to rate state Rep. Andy Holt’s resolution urging Sean Hannity, conservative talk show host on radio and Fox News television, to move to Tennessee from New York.

The resolution is HERE. The Pith commentary says, basically, that the resolution has its demerits but could be worse – in part because Holt includes statements that are correct, such as New Yorkers being obnoxious.

Beyond that, it’s always good to judge a piece of legislation coming from this bunch based on the damage that could be done if it passes. In this case, the risk is relatively low. Let’s say the resolution passes (it will) and let’s say Mr. Hannity receives his copy, and is so persuaded by it that he decides to move here. Well fine. So be it. So long as he doesn’t run for anything, it’s hard to determine anything too terrible that could come of that.

While we’d normally argue that state legislators should be spending their time on more important things, it’s often a blessing in disguise when people like Holt are distracted by shiny objects like this. Better that he spend his time crafting a love letter to a Fox News host than proposing actual laws. (Note: Carrie Underwood, if you’re reading, we’re glad you already live here.)

Lastly, while Holt’s resolution does make much of Tennessee’s low taxes, it’s nice to see that Mr. Hannity at least won’t be getting the huge tax breaks and cash we offer to everyone else we’re trying to attract to, or keep in, the state.

We rate this A LITTLE STUPID: