MTSU Poll: Obama’s approval rating continues to decline in TN

A new Middle Tennessee State University poll indicates that President Barack Obama’s approval rating continues to fall in Tennessee and that his approval rating among white, evangelical Christians was worse than with any other demographic.

Further from the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal:

“That’s a fairly common pattern in Tennessee,” said Ken Blake, director of the MT Poll. “Minorities approve of Obama across the board, and way fewer whites than minorities approve. But those that showed the most disapproval were evangelical. Religion and race kind of interact in a sense.”

According to poll data, which was gathered Jan. 23-26 via telephone interviews of 600 Tennessee adults, 69 percent of white, evangelical Christians disapproved of Obama while only 46 percent of white, born-again Christians showed disapproval.

“This is all without political affiliation added in,” said Blake. “However, minorities support Obama regardless of religiosity.”

Adding in political affiliation, there’s a religion split along with party identification, he said — the stronger the relationship with religion, the stronger someone feels about disapproval with Obama.

…Race and religion aside, 55 percent of Tennessean’s disapproved of the job Obama was doing and 30 percent approved. Over data from 2013, the percentage did not change significantly, said Jason Reineke, associate director of the MTSU Poll. However, throughout Obama’s career, a steady decline was noticeable, he said.