TVA turmoil coming? Victor Ashe thinks so

Former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe says in a column that Mike McWherter’s vote against extending the term of Bill Sansom as chairman of the TVA Board of Directors is “a public sign of the unrest and change which may be coming” for TVA.


Several board members are stunned to learn TVA General Counsel Ralph Rodgers is making $1.9 million a year. Most East Tennessee attorneys do not make a quarter of that amount in one year. An equally or more competent attorney could be employed for far less and save ratepayers money. Most people in Knoxville do not have a clue who Ralph Rodgers is.

..Neil McBride lost his TVA seat last week because President Obama failed to nominate anyone including McBride.

Sources tell me the White House will nominate three new persons to the board in the next few weeks or by May at the latest. One will replace McBride and the other two will replace Sansom, 72, and Barbara Haskew, 73, whose term also expires in May.

With three new members, the White House is apparently interested in having a board asking more questions in its public sessions and a chair who is actually a Democrat.

The Obama White House was stunned that the eight TVA board Democrats selected the only Republican to be chair. With the filibuster now gone, it is likely whoever Obama names will be confirmed.