Alexander running new 60-second TV ad for three weeks

News release from Lamar Alexander reelection campaign:
NASHVILLE – Lamar Alexander’s re-election campaign today announced the launch of its first 2014 television advertisement “Standing Up for Tennessee.”

The ad features Tennesseans describing how Lamar’s conservative, principled leadership has strengthened the state. Shane Reeves voices the frustration of thousands of Tennessee business owners concerned about Obamacare saying, “Lamar stands up strong against Obamacare. He’s a thinking conservative, who is serious about solving problems.”

Other Tennesseans attest to Lamar’s role in recruiting good paying auto jobs and protecting the rights of fishermen. A songwriter, college students and Lamar’s sons provide their perspective on the positive influence of his leadership. An elementary school principal reminds us of his famous walk across the state and recounts how he continues to listen to Tennesseans.

The 60-second television spot airs statewide beginning Jan. 13. (Note: And running for three weeks, according to a spokesman, who declined to give further details — such as cost and frequency.)

Watch “Standing Up for Tennessee”:  HERE.

Watch the full stories: HERE.

UPDATE: Carr’s followup press release is HERE.

A couple of observations: It’s basically an ‘introductory’ ad, designed to tell viewers who the candidate is and give them a positive perspective — apparently deemed necessary because a lot of younger people don’t really know who Lamar is. On the other hand, those of us older folks will remember the line in this ad about Alexander — “he’s one of us” — was a theme line in the late former Gov. Ned McWherter’s campaigning.