Alexander, Corker oppose extended unemployment benefits

Not surprisingly, Tennessee’s two U.S. senators oppose Democrat-sponsored legislation to revive long-term unemployment benefits that expired last week.

Here are statements they issued prior to a scheduled Senate floor vote late Monday that wound up being postponed until Tuesday.

From Sen. Lamar Alexander:
“I will not vote to bring this legislation to the floor unless senators have an opportunity to debate and vote on the many good ideas for helping unemployed Americans find a job. Unfortunately, the Senate appears to be starting the new year just like the old one ended, with the Democratic leader bypassing committee consideration and cutting off all amendments and debate on an important issue.”

From Sen. Bob Corker:
“Unfortunately, this bill is being jammed through, has not been considered in committee, and will not be able to be amended on the floor. Spending $6.5 billion in three months without trying to find ways to pay for it or improve the underlying policy is irresponsible and takes us in the wrong direction.”