Helm leaving TBI

Kristin Helm, public information officer at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for more than six years, is leaving the position for what she describes as handling “corporate public relations and crisis communications at a company in Brentwood.”

“TBI has been a fascinating place to work and there’s never been a dull moment. I will miss being a part of the agency’s mission as it has truly been an honor,” she said in an email. “The people at TBI are some of the best and brightest who treat their jobs with integrity and respect and it has been a pleasure to work beside all of them.”

For now, TBI Executive Officer Illana Tate has been assigned to answer media inquiries – which Helm has always handled, from my perspective, in a prompt, courteous and professional manner (more open and transparent than the TBI has been in days of old, when getting an on-the-record-comment was like a dentist pulling teeth from an unhappy patient).