ETSU president recuperating from serious traffic accident

East Tennessee State University President Brian Noland thanked members of the community for their support in a video posted on the college’s website Tuesday, giving the public its first look at his recovery after a November car crash, reports the Johnson City Press.

Filmed in Shelbridge, the Johnson City home reserved for ETSU’s president and his family, Noland, wearing a brace to keep his head and neck stationary, said he hopes to return to conducting business on campus in January.

“Well, I have this lovely little neck brace on, and I can stand, I can walk, I do have full-range of motion,” he said, as he stood from a seated position. “I am going to make a full recovery.”

The post was the first installment of Noland’s “From My Notepads” video address since he was injured in a Nov. 18 crash at the intersection of West Watuaga Avenue and West Market Street.

“That accident has, in many respects, brought my semester to a close, but it’s not brought the work of the institution to a close,” the president said. “Our faculty, our staff, our administrative team, led by Dr. Wilsie Bishop, has continued to make the institution move forward, and we’re now approaching the close of the semester, where this weekend, we’ll graduate another class of students.”

…ETSU Chief Operating Officer Wilsie Bishop has assumed Noland’s administrative duties, as she did under former President Paul Stanton.

…Noland was hospitalized for nearly a week after his SUV was struck by a rollback tow truck as he was crossing the intersection. The president’s vehicle then struck a utility pole, and the wrecker struck a tree off the roadside. The driver of the truck was given a citation for running the red light and given 10 days to address his driver’s license status.