Haslam ‘a long way’ from endorsing Chris Christie for president

Gov. Bill Haslam sees a lot to like about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who takes over as head of the Republican Governor’s Association this week, reports WPLN. At the group’s annual meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz., many governors have been questioned about the potential 2016 presidential contender.

Asked whether he’s cut from the same cloth as the New Jersey moderate, the trim and athletic Haslam responded with a weight joke, saying Christie’s “is cut a little larger than mine.”

Aside from Christie’s much larger waistline, Haslam also points to his penchant for sparring with opponents.

The mild-mannered Haslam calls Christie “very much a New Jersey guy.” But he sees someone who is primarily interested in results and not partisanship.

“Chris is smart and tough and has been effective. But if you’re asking me if I’m endorsing him for president, no, we’re a long way from that point. But do I think Chris is a good governor? I do.”