East Ridge city councilman to seek House District 30 seat

Marc Gravitt, an East Ridge city councilman, has announced as a candidate to succeed Rep. Vince Dean in state House District, according to Nooga.com – and under circumstances that make it appear he just might have Dean’s blessing.

On Veterans Day at the Pachyderm Club, he was joined by his wife and Dean when he announced a run for the GOP nomination in the state House of Representatives 30th District. The Red Bank-raised military veteran pointed to his business experience and religious upbringing to prepare him for higher office.

These experiences “helped shape and mold many of the conservative values I have, and they are the drivers on why I’m making this announcement,” he said in prepared remarks.

Republicans have held the seat since at least 1990, election records show. Consisting of East Ridge, Apison, Collegedale and parts of Brainerd, 30th District voters favored Mitt Romney over Barack Obama almost 2-to-1 in 2012, precinct results show.

Gravitt is the first candidate to announce a run for the 30th District seat.

Note: See also the Chattanooga TFP, from which the following is excerpted:
Dean stopped short of formally endorsing Gravitt, but introduced him as his “good friend.”

Gravitt’s announcement means his East Ridge service could be ending early. Gravitt was elected last year, and the term isn’t up until December 2016.

If Gravitt wins the District 30 race next year, the East Ridge City Council could appoint a temporary replacement or hold a special election, according to Charlotte Mullis-Morgan, the county election administrator.

UPDATE: If elected to the Legislature, Gravitt says he’ll still finish out his term on the City Council.
“If I am blessed enough to win this state Legislature seat, I will fulfill my term on the City Council. … But I will not seek re-election. I’ll fill out my obligation to the citizens, but I will not run again. I have a problem with doing that,” Gravitt said.