Political humor: Davy Crockett would oppose Obamacare; maybe back possum pelt exchange

Scott McNutt lampoons the Joe Carr/Davy Crockett versus Lamar Alexander/Sam Houston debate (prior posts HERE and HERE) and drags Gov. Bill Haslam and state legislators into the satirical historical mix of a “faux filibuster.”

An excerpt:

“Davy Crockett would have fought any federally sponsored universal health care insurance to the death on principle; that’s why he went to Texas and died at the Alamo,” Carr exclaimed. “To suggest that he wouldn’t have died fighting Obamacare is an abomination.”

Alexander replied that Sam Houston would have fought affordable health care for the masses, too, but would have done so strategically, and without dying.

“Sam Houston would have rallied his troops with the battle cry, ‘Don’t get sick if you can’t afford to!’ ” Alexander asserted. “But Sam would have rallied them privately because such slogans put off some folks, and that’s bad strategy.”

The two also clashed over Daniel Boone, with each insisting the frontiersman’s stance on the ACA aligned with his own. However, both could agree that, just like them, Daniel Boone was “A man. A big man.”

Inspired by the great Alexander-Carr debate over which dead Tennessean’s position on the ACA was more correct, state lawmakers began claiming their favorite moldering Tennesseans embodied their ACA stances.

For instance, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said General Robert Neyland epitomized his position, because Neyland emphasized blocking the opposing team’s progress, “and that’s what we’re doing.”

(Sen. Mike) Bell claimed Estes Kefauver as his avatar because that Democratic U.S. Senator spearheaded the 1950s witch hunt against the comic book industry that almost shut it down.

“That’s the result we’re aiming for,” Bell said, explaining that citizens in his Heartless district don’t use health insurance, but rather, as reported by the Nashville Scene in 2010, he claims they barter for medical treatment.

“If they get ill, they just exchange some ’possum pelts for medicine,” he boasted. “That’s the exchange model we should follow, not Obamacare.”

Note: On the possum pelt front, see also Jeff Woods post HERE.