After 5 vetting events, tea party coalition officially endorses Carr

News release from ‘Beat Lamar’ organization:
Spring Hill, TN—Michael Patrick Leahy, co-founder of BEAT LAMAR, today announced that BEAT LAMAR, a project of the conservative ground game SuperPac the Real Conservatives National Committee, and a coalition of local Tea Party groups across Tennessee have endorsed State Representative Joe Carr for the Republican nomination in the 2014 United Senate race.

“Over the past month Joe Carr has been vetted in five BEAT LAMAR Town Halls across the state of Tennessee—in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Maryville, and this Saturday in Johnson City,” Leahy said. “Joe Carr has emerged as the unanimous choice among the Tea Party co-sponsors of each of these events—the Nashville Tea Party, the Mid-South Tea Party, the Chattanooga Tea Party, the Blount County Tea Party, the Roane County Tea Party, and the Tri-Cities—as the constitutional conservative candidate we enthusiastically endorse to stand with Ted Cruz and beat Lamar.”

“I am also delighted to note that the Coalition for a Constitutional Senate, an informal coalition of 63 Tea Party and Liberty groups throughout Tennessee, is also issuing a statement of support for Joe Carr today,” Leahy said.

Leahy added that the BEAT LAMAR Town Halls have been so popular that BEAT LAMAR will continue to hold them in cooperation with local Tea Party groups around the state. “Several local Tea Party groups have asked us to continue the BEAT LAMAR Town Halls, and we’ve decided to do that. Our purpose now will be to sign up additional door-to-door volunteers in every one of Tennessee’s 95 counties.”Leahy said.”

According to Leahy, “we already have 650 volunteers in our state-of-the art database, poised to use their IPads, smartphones, and old fashioned paper walking lists to talk with their neighbors on their front doorstep about the importance of this August 2014 Republican Senate primary. Now, we have an even better message: BEAT LAMAR, VOTE FOR JOE CARR.”

Leahy stated that the number of door-to-door volunteers knocking on doors to BEAT LAMAR and VOTE FOR JOE CARR would soon exceed the group’s goal of 1,000.

BEAT LAMAR is a project of the Real Conservatives National Committee, an independent expenditure Super PAC located in Spring Hill, Tennessee, that focuses on the development of a conservative ground game infrastructure. Michael Patrick Leahy and Lorie Medina are its co-founders.