Rep. Hawk’s trial: Wife testifies she was ‘terrified’

Crystal Goan testified Tuesday that she was physically assaulted and “terrified” by the actions of husband David Hawk early on March 18, 2012, after the two argued over a text message Hawk claimed she received, according to the Greeneville Sun.

On cross-examination defense lawyer Thomas Dillard asked Goan about a previous civil case in U.S. District Court involving her first husband.

The cross-examination brought out potentially damaging details about that case and called Goan’s credibility into question.

And, from WGRV radio’s recap of Tuesday’s testimony:
Goan testified that theirs had been a rocky marriage dating all the way back to their wedding night when she said Hawk expressed regret in marrying her. It was over a year, Goan testified, before they lived together. Goan said that all through their relationship Hawk had always been jealous of any male friends or coworkers she had and that Hawk had accused her numerous times of having an affair. Goan testified that she had never been unfaithful.

On the night of March 17, 2012, Goan said she and Hawk had gone to an event in downtown Greeneville. Upon returning home, Goan said she went up to bed, but was awakened by Hawk screaming and pulling her out of bed. Goan said Hawk grabbed her arm and pulled her to the floor. She testified he then went into their child’s room and locked the door. Goan said it must have been barricaded as she wasn’t able to push the door open.

After staying outside the door most of the night, Goan said that the next morning she was able to convince Hawk to let her feed the baby. But as she finished and tried to get up from the couch, Hawk repeatedly pushed her back down. Finally, Goan testified that Hawk struck the right side of her face. Goan said when she regained her senses, she realized that Hawk and their daughter weren’t in the house. It was then that she left for a friend’s house where to police were called.

When asked why she left the house instead of calling for help, Goan said that she was afraid that Hawk’s political standing would result in authorities not taking her complaint seriously. She testified that she did not point a gun at Hawk, something Hawk had contended happened and that he was acting in defense of himself and his child. Goan said the only gun she owned was an antique that was kept in a safe at a Bulls Gap office.

On cross-examination by Hawk’s lawyers, Goan was asked about a ruling against her in a previous divorce case. Goan said that she had not ready a judge’s opinion that found that she had illegally put spyware on her previous husband’s computer and that she had altered a prenuptual agreement without his knowledge. When asked repeatedly about that suit and judgement, Goan asserted that she has never read the information.

Tuesday morning, the jury heard testimony from Farrah Nelson, the office manager for the law practice of Crystal Goan Hawk. Nelson said that David Hawk was very concerned about his wife’s schedule and checked up frequently on her activities. She also testified that she was often responsible for mediating arguments and conflicts between the Hawks, which usually occurred when David Hawk returned from his legislative duties in Nashville.

…Testimony was also heard from local attorney Sandra Stanbery-Foster, who was at a social event with the Hawks the night of the alleged assault and said that neither were intoxicated and seemed pleasant. Foster received a call from Crystal Hawk the following morning and discovered her at the Crockett Lane home, and corroborated earlier testimony about the nature of her injuries.