State Rep. David Hawk’s trial on assault charges underway

The trial of state Rep. David Hawk, R-Greeneville, is underway in Greene County Criminal Court. He is charged with aggravated assault on his oan, who was his wife at the time the alleged attack occurred in March, 2012.

From WGRV radio’s recap of Monday’s trial events:
A jury of eight women and six men were seated early Monday afternoon following 3 1/2 hours of jury selection. Former Tennessee Attorney General Paul Summers is serving as the trial judge, with Joseph Baugh serving as special prosecutor and Tom Dillard and Wade Davies representing the defense team.

…Both sides agree on a portion of the events of that night, including that the argument between the Hawks was sparked by a suggestive text message to Crystal Hawk. In his opening statement, prosecutor Baugh stated that David Hawk threw his sleeping wife to the ground after reading the message, then locked himself in their daughter’s bedroom until morning. In the morning, David Hawk continued the argument and slapped Crystal Hawk across the head while she was feeding the baby.

Defense attorney Davies responded by stating that David Hawk was attempting to defend his daughter from an angry Crystal Hawk, and locked himself in her bedroom for safety. In the morning, David Hawk attempted to leave the residence with the child but was confronted by Crystal Hawk, who was holding a gun. David Hawk left the residence and went to a neighbor’s house for protection until his wife left the home and went to her assistant’s house.

Opening testimony came from auxiliary deputy Craig Bowlby, who was the first member of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department to speak with Crystal Hawk. Bowlby testified that he went to the home of Hawk’s assistant on Crockett Lane just before 9 a.m. and that Crystal Hawk was very upset and concerned about her daughter. He noticed a “goose egg” bruise on her cheek and bruising on her arm before leaving the scene as additional deputies arrived.

Deputy Michael MacDonald testified that he went to the Crockett Lane home just after 9 a.m. and observed swelling under Crystal Hawk’s eye along with bruising on her arm and abrasions on her lip. He also testified that Crystal Hawk was very distraught and looking for her daughter. MacDonald also testified that he went to the Hawk residence and was able to get David Hawk out of the home after several minutes before taking him into custody.

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