Carr Gets Backing from two radio talkers

State Rep. Joe Carr, who announced he’s running for the U.S. Senate on Ralph Bristol’s radio talk show, has now announced that Bristol endorses him. Likewise another WTN radio talk show host, Michael DelGiorno.

This is significant, explains the news release, because “the radio station reaches across most of Middle Tennessee, and thousands of Tennesseans regularly tune into the programs.”

“The endorsement from Bristol is also significant because the influential conservative talk show host has never endorsed a candidate for statewide office in Tennessee and rarely endorses candidates at all. The last candidate Bristol endorsed was US Senator Jim Demint from South Carolina, who provided solid conservative leadership in the US Senate and routinely challenged the more moderate establishment GOP leadership during his tenure.”

Quote from DelGiorno: “People have identified a problem in Lamar Alexander.” Until this point, “we could gripe how there’s no solution. Now there’s a man of principle, a man of God, a man of country, a man of the Constitution, a servant leader” in the race.

Note: The full news release is HERE.