TN Commentary Roundup: Stupidity, Bigotry, Abortion, Etc.

Legislative Stupidity Index
Over at Pith in the Wind, Steven Hale has come up with a “Legislative Stupidity Index,” which rates bills filed in the General Assembly on a five-level scale.

The inaugural rating is on Sen. Stacey Campfield’s “Merry Christmas bill,” which falls in the middle — “half stupid.”

Bigotry in Collegedale?
Former state Sen. David Fowler, who heads Family Action Council of Tennessee, says the Collegedale City Council’s decision to provide health insurance coverage to the partners of same-sex couples legally married in another state displays “bigotry and intolerance” because the same benefits are not provided to other couples — a man and woman living together, for example — who are not legally married under the laws of Tennessee. HERE.

Julia Hurley on Abortion
In an op-ed piece, former state Rep. Julia Hurley gives her thoughts on abortion as someone who faced a choice herself as a teenager. Excerpt:

What anti-abortion and pro-abortion rights Republican women can agree on is that tomorrow does not belong to the aborted, but to the living. Therefore the goal of both sides should be to build a nation and a world so full of opportunity that the joy of being a parent outweighs the fear.

Praise for Henry
Gail Kerr has high praise for Department of Children’s Services commissioner Jim Henry… at least compared to his predecessor. An excerpt:

It was the difference between a dark closet and a sunlight-filled room compared with how his predecessor, Kate O’Day, handled things at DCS, the state’s critically important department charged with keeping our children safe from abusive, scary and drug-addicted grownups.

O’Day resigned after months of dodging questions about her work, and Gov. Bill Haslam asked Henry to step in. It was clearly an excellent choice. The ship is not sailing smoothly, but it sure as heck is at least sailing upright again.

There’s “plenty of blame and pain” to go around in the split between U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen and his longtime trusted aide, Randy Wade, says Otis Sanford.

Frank Cagle says the Medicare Wage Index, which determines how much hospitals get in reimbursements for Medicare patients, isn’t fair to Tennessee providers — especially in the Knoxville area. HERE.

A lot of people talk about “throwing the bums out,” observes Robert Houk, but it’s easier said than done. Emphasis on Washington County.