AG says state can run vehicle testing program in Shelby County

An attorney general’s opinion says the state has authority to set up a vehicle emissions testing program in Shelby County and charge motorists a fee to pay for it, reports the Commercial Appeal.
But the opinion says the state probably could not impose a countywide fee to pay for vehicle testing only in the City of Memphis, as it suggests was being considered by state officials.
Atty. Gen. Robert E. Cooper’s advisory opinion comes after Memphis ended its vehicle inspection program Friday.
The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is “looking at all options” for a new inspection program in the Memphis area to keep the state in compliance with federal air pollution laws, TDEC spokeswoman Meg Lockhart said after the opinion’s public release Tuesday.
“But we are hopeful that the local air program will meet its obligation to have a vehicle inspection program as previously committed to both the state and to EPA that they would do.”
Memphis was the only one of Tennessee’s major urban areas with vehicle emissions testing where the inspections were limited only to residents of the central city. The testing programs are countywide in Davidson, Hamilton, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson and Wilson counties.

One thought on “AG says state can run vehicle testing program in Shelby County

  1. Eric H

    Just to be clear, Bob believes that the local/state governments CANNOT enforce federal laws when it comes to illegal immigration law enforcement, but they CAN enforce federal laws when it comes to EPA regulations.
    I guess it all depends on which way those federal dollars are flowing – and if you’ve already made your interstate speed limit arbitrarily lower to keep them flowing.
    Who elected him again? Oh yeah….never mind.

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