TCAP Scores Rise for Third Straight Year

For the third year in a row since the state raised its educational standards, Tennessee’s students have made gains on the state’s Comprehensive Assessment Program, according to data released by the state on Thursday, reports the News Sentinel.
“This is a very positive step for our state,” said Gov. Bill Haslam. “We’ve had steady growth and progress since 2010.”
The governor said the results show the state’s education system is moving toward the goal of having more students prepared for jobs, answering a common complaint he receives from the state’s business leaders.
“They’ll say, ‘We love being here. It’s a great business environment. But please prepare more folks who are ready for the workforce,'” Haslam said.
Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman said the results were a cause for celebration, citing the overall upward swing in scores and figures, indicating a “narrowing gap” between children from low-income families and those from higher-income brackets.
“They (the scores) went up even faster for our kids on free and reduced-price lunch,” he said, adding this is counter to a national trend where the gap between student performance in income groups appears to be increasing.
Other highlights of Thursday’s release included:
Nearly 91,000 additional students were at or above grade level in all math subjects, as compared to 2010.
Nearly 52,000 additional students were at or above level in all math subjects.
For the first time since standards were raised, more than 50 percent of students were on grade level in every TCAP subject.
Students made gains on 22 of 24 tested subjects.

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  1. Eric H

    If raising standards = higher scores, why did we beg Obama for a NCLB waiver since 80% of the schools were not making that standard?
    (I mean besides the fact that it was a trade for implementing the Common Core “state” Standards from the federal government)

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