TN School Supers Set Up New Group, Praise Common Core

Eight Tennessee public school system superintendents have launched a new education advocacy group, reports the Kingsport Times-News, with a declaration of support for “Common Core” standards among its first actions.
Founding members of the Leading Innovation for Tennessee Education (LIFT) group include Sullivan County Director of Schools Jubal Yennie, Kingsport Superintendent Lyle Ailshie and Greene County Director of Schools Vicki Kirk.
The new group is similar to the national Chiefs for Change organization, except focused on the state level.
Today, the group plans to support State Board of Education approval of teacher licensure reforms recommended by Commissioner of Education Kevin Huffman and on Friday support state board passage, on second reading, of differential teacher pay reform. Both may draw Tennessee Education Association opposition.
One of the group’s first actions was to voice support for the continued implementation of the Common Core standards for math and English/language arts and accompanying assessments. The group wrote a letter of support to Gov. Bill Haslam, Huffman and the state BOE.
“Publicly supporting efforts like the Common Core State Standards, teacher licensure reform, and new teacher compensation systems will form the core of LIFT Education’s early work and are consistent with our mission,” said Neel Durbin, head of Dyersburg City Schools.
…”We recently convened a small, independent policy forum for superintendents committed to courageous student-centered leadership to ensure quality instruction and student success in Tennessee,” said Lyle Ailshie, Superintendent of Kingsport City School. “It’s homegrown and Tennessee specific. We’re just getting started, and I fully expect moving forward we will include more superintendents across the state who really subscribe to our core principles.”
…The eight members so far are Ailshie; Jerry Boyd, director of the Putnam County School System; Durbin; Shawn Kimble, superintendent of the Lauderdale County School System; Kirk; James McIntyre, superintendent of Knox County Schools; Clint Satterfield, director of Trousdale County Schools; and Yennie.

Note: LIFT is also the acronym of a PAC operated by the state’s trial lawyers association, namely Lawyers Involved for Tennessee.

2 thoughts on “TN School Supers Set Up New Group, Praise Common Core

  1. Eric H

    Gee, you would think we would have heard about this in say, 2007. You know, since Common Core is allegedly a “state” standard demanded and created by the states. Since we are to believe Phil Bredesen and 11 other governors cooked them up in 2008 at those NGA conferences, who asked them to do it?

  2. Walter Bowen

    Common is actually a dumbing down tool to brainwash our children and to aid in the data mining effort to control the entire populace. Even foreign officials from Communist Nations say the curriculum does not teach enough. And now for the BIG ONE!– Common Core teaches our children to “DISRESPECT” not only our Country but also their parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can believe all of the lies if you want to(I certainly hope–no pray you have lucid brain cells); however, know that the states have no control in this what o ever!!!!!!!!
    Please stop this ” ‘ Government Control ‘ ” Tool before it is fully implemented in the 2014-2015 school year!!!

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