SCORE Poll Finds Tennesseans Like ‘Common Core’

A poll conducted by the State Collaborative on Reforming Education, or SCORE, found there is strong support for the implementation of the state’s Common Core State Standards and that awareness of the new standards continues to grow, according to the News Sentinel.
Last school year, districts across Tennessee began implementing the standards, which are a more rigorous and detailed way of teaching to help students be better prepared for college and the workforce. Forty-six states have adopted the new standards.
….SCORE’s poll, which surveyed 500 registered voters statewide, was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and Greenberg, Quinlan, Rosner Research on May 6, May 7 and May 9. The agency conducted a similar survey in the fall of 2012.
Results of this year’s poll found that after hearing a brief description about the standards, about 76 percent of voters support their implementation, with 44 percent “strongly” favoring them.
A total of 15 percent of voters were either “somewhat” or “strongly” opposed to their implementation.
Of those surveyed, 80 percent of voters, who had some knowledge of Common Core, said that “educational standards of public school will be either raised by the Common Core (39 percent) or stay about the same (41 percent). Only 14 percent of voters expect the Common Core will lower standards.”
Knox County Schools Superintendent Jim McIntyre said the poll was important because there has been some “misinformation” in the public about the standards.
“Getting a sense of where Tennesseans stand on these new higher standards is important to be able to move forward,” he said. “It tells me that the efforts to provide information and educate the public on the benefits of Common Core, those efforts are paying off and that message is being heard. I think that’s a really positive development.”

One thought on “SCORE Poll Finds Tennesseans Like ‘Common Core’

  1. Eric H

    Wait, what was the percentage that said, “oh yeah, we taxpayers of Tennessee vividly remember asking our Governor Bredesen at the time to rewrite the math and English language standards for all grades in his spare time at those NGA conferences despite the fact we were hiding in our TCAP bubble at the time with 90+ percent proficiency rates on our state report card.”
    Or how about what percentage participated in the public comment phase (which never occurred) when Governor Bredesen was allegedly rewriting all those academic standards in his spare time at the NGA conferences that we asked him to do?
    Remember, Arne Duncan came to town and toured around with SCORE to remind us these standards were OUR idea, not the federal government’s, despite the fact we didn’t implement any of them until forced to by taking the federal Race To the Trough money.
    What percentage think it is strange that you would want the same folks that were deceiving you with that false 90+% proficiency rate to create your new academic standards?

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